Welcome to your new dining experience

The Mediterranevm group of restaurants brings something new to the table.
Not just in the food we put on it but how we create it, how we style it and of course how we serve it.

Our Story

Welcome to the home of the finest Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

We are ‘The Mediterranevm’ group of restaurants. We are independent. We are unique. We are dedicated.

From our first Italian restaurant ‘Il Michelangelo’ we have broadened our horizons and ventured further afield – around the Mediterranean and beyond. 

Now we boast three truly unique restaurants, each one a flagship in their own right.

Our prestige, passion, pedigree, professionalism, experience and expertise in running award-winning restaurants will transport you on a journey to a new dining experience. A journey that will stir your imagination and fill your senses, bringing you the flavours and heady aromas that the diverse cuisines of the Mediterranean region has to offer.

We produce menus to create a truly sensational dining experience. This is food to invigorate all of the senses, for any occasion.

Our Il Michelangelo restaurants use the finest, authentic Italian ingredients. Our expert chefs create modern takes on the most classic Italian recipes, with influence from every region of Italy, the land and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. 

Our Mediterranevm restaurants create authentic dishes, flavoured with time-honoured herbs and spices such as ras el hanout, za’atar, sumac, infused with citruses like dried limes and preserved lemons, pomegranate and edible rose petals to name a few, evoking the aromas of exotic Mediterranean regions, creating an array of mouthwatering dishes– slow cooked meats, aromatic stews, all bursting with the flavours and scents of exciting markets, souks and spice bazaars. Traditional dishes with an abundance of colour and variety– meat, seafood, vegetables, breads, pulses, grains, berries and seeds.

This journey will also take you on a wine tour where you can see and taste the very best wines from different parts of the world. We will be pleased to surprise you with a unique collection of fine and rare wines.

Join our experienced, dedicated team and myself, on trip around the Mediterranean Sea, you won’t need a yacht! Our ‘Mediterranevm’ is here together with our happiness, our food, our wine and of course, our dearest guests.

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Leonardo Gallani
Founder of Mediterranevm and Il Michelangelo

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Delivery and collections available

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