À la Carte Menu

  • Mediterranevm Bread v £5.25

    Assorted artisan breads from traditional Mediterranean bakeries, served with our special home-made basil and cashew nut hummus.

  • Mediterranevm Olives v £4.95

    Marinated mixed Mediterranevm olives

  • Roasted Nut Medley v £3.95

    Our Chef’s choice of assorted toasted nuts.

  • Cestino di Pane v £5.25

    Home-made, warm sour-dough bread served with creamy butter or extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  • Meze Platter £18.50

    Platter of fine dishes selected by our Chef, to bring you a flavour of the Mediterranean, served with pita bread (min 2 people).


  • Soup of the Day £7.50

    Home-made soup of the day, served with sourdough bread.

  • Wild Boar Tortello £7.95

    Home-made pasta filled with braised wild boar, accompanied by a ‘beurre noisette’ flavoured with a Pedro Ximenez reduction sauce.

  • Halloumi Mediterranevm V £7.95

    A fusion of Middle Eastern and Cypriot cuisine; deep fried Halloumi cheese accompanied by a wheat salad flavoured with coriander, pickles and fresh baby beetroot.

  • Parsnips, Pears & Almonds VE £8.25

    Spicy char-grilled parsnips, fresh pears and pickled parsnips, sprinkled with chilli-coated almonds.

  • Melanzane Caprino V VE* £8.25

    Roasted aubergine stuffed with creamy goats’ cheese, served with preserved morello cherry coulis, pistachio and sun blushed tomatoes. *Vegan option available.

  • Quinoa Salad VE £8.50

    Warm quinoa, mixed with a Jerusalem artichoke dressing, baby garden vegetables and cocoa crumble.

  • Calamari Fritti £8.50

    Lightly battered, golden deep-fried squid, served with a smoked black garlic aioli mayo.

  • Salmon & Dover Crab £10.95

    Scottish smoked salmon mixed with white Dover crab, infused with crème fraîche flavoured with lime served with crispy sesame bread and lamb lettuce

  • Sticky Rib of Lamb £12.90

    Honey-glazed slow-cooked lamb ribs, served with a Greek yogurt flavoured with mint and ginger.

  • King Prawns, Garlic & Chorizo £12.95

    King prawns pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, chilli, spring onion and a cherry tomato sauce, served with sautéed crispy chorizo and sourdough bread.

Main Courses

  • Celeriac Steak VE £14.00

    A celeriac steak glazed with a liquorice jus, accompanied by Egyptian dukkah vegetables and served with vegan liquorice sauce.

  • Vegetable Tagine VE £13.95

    Our traditional, slow-cooked vegetable dish. Spicy and aromatic, flavoured with tahini and preserved lemon.

  • Winter Risotto V £14.50

    Pumpkin risotto, cooked with sautéed mushrooms and chestnuts, flavoured with rosemary oil.

  • Moussaka £14.35

    Layers of aubergine, courgettes, potatoes, minced lamb and béchamel, baked and served with a Greek salad.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese £13.75

    Fresh spaghetti served with our tasty beef ragù.

  • Pechuga de Pollo £17.95

    Corn-fed chicken breast stuffed with Jerusalem artichokes, served with lemon caviar and chicken jus.

  • Calves’ Liver £19.95

    Pan-fried calves’ liver, accompanied by mashed potatoes flavoured with thyme, served with glazed shallots and a sage jus.

  • Linguine allo Scoglio £18.95

    Linguine cooked with langoustine, clams, mussels, prawns, cherry tomatoes, garlic, white wine and chilli.

  • Lamb Kleftiko £20.50

    Lamb shank slow cooked in rosemary gravy, accompanied by mashed potatoes and root vegetables.

From the Grill

  • Middle Eastern Chicken £16.50

    Marinated chicken breast, with baby potatoes, dates and prunes, served with a spicy mint chicken jus.

  • Sirloin Steak £22.95

    Himalayan salt-aged beef sirloin steak, char-grilled and accompanied by our hand cut chips.

  • Filetto di Manzo £27.75

    A prime British fillet steak, aged in Himalayan salt, char-grilled and served with triple-cooked hand-cut chips.

  • Additional Sauce £2.95

    Choose from either •Peppercorn • Mushroom • Blue cheese.

Side Orders & Salads

  • Chips V £3.95

    Hand-cut and triple-cooked chips.

  • Baby Root Vegetables V £5.25

    Selection of baby root vegetables, extra slow-cooked to retain their natural flavour, colour and moisture.

  • Mixed Salad VE £5.50

    Mixed-leaf salad, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  • Verduras a la Plancha VE £5.95

    Grilled peppers, aubergines and courgettes flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

  • Truffle Fries V £5.95

    Fries with truffle mayo, truffle oil and Parmesan.

  • Greek Salad V £6.95

    Traditional salad of cucumber, tomato, Kalamata olives, onion and feta, dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Children's Menu £8.50
Choose from

  • Penne Napoli VE

    Penne pasta tubes in a rich tomato sauce.

  • Penne Bolognese

    Penne pasta tubes served with our tasty beef Bolognese ragù.

  • Penne al Formaggio V

    Penne pasta tubes in a tasty cheese sauce.

  • Breaded Plaice

    Golden breaded fillet of plaice served with French fries, accompanied by carrot sticks and cucumber.

  • Chicken Goujons

    Golden breaded home-made chicken strips served with French fries, accompanied by carrot and cucumber sticks.

The children’s meals come with a complimentary scoop of ice cream. Choose from either vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio or hazelnut.

For children under 10 years of age.

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Delivery and collections available

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